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Middle Circle® for Teams

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23% more**

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Middle Circle® for Careers

Over a third of people are disappointed
with their career progression.*

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Our Middle Circle® Tools

Designed with teams, for teams
Career tool field tested over 10 years
Trackable action plans changing career habits and team routines
Supported tools, usable over 12-month period
Research driven tools

Supported by accredited and experienced Middle Circle® coaches

Middle Circle® Team Effectiveness Tool

The tool works with you to identify teams’ critical gaps, key strengths and improvement areas to extend their capability beyond their current level of effectiveness. We look at how a group of individuals work, operate and achieve results together. Our tool delivers a clear, insightful report complete with trackable on-line action plans to move a team on the path to improved team effectiveness.

Middle Circle® Career Acceleration Tool

Results through Relationships© and CareerBoost© deliver for both the individual and the organisation as a whole. They create a systematic approach to helping individuals achieve the career they want by equipping them with personal strategies needed to deliver results, create stronger relationships and improve work reputations. Our tools help you by achieving the career that you want.

What Middle Circle® Clients Say


“Middle Circle® brings real clarity and focus to my work. I can easily see what is needed within a team and measure their progress over time”

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner


“Teams are more aware of their behaviours and ways of working, helping me to address any uncomfortable dynamics and make the team more effective.”

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner
CM2 Change Management Consultants


“Middle Circle’s diagnostic allows very pivotal conversations to happen by providing a structured dialogue and opportunities for challenge and reflection”

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner


“Middle Circle® for Teams, was central to us securing a large client. My work was extended beyond the Leadership team and we achieved a 50% uplift in business

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner
CM2 Change Management Consultants


Discussing our Middle Circle® profile and actions was the best conversation we’ve ever had as a leadership team.

Operations Director
Global high street retailer


Your next role needs thought and planning; don’t just hope for a stroke of luck. Middle Circle® is the tool
that will help you think things through in a planned and logical way. It’s sure to deliver results.

Legal Services


The Middle Circle® tool is an effective, pragmatic, action oriented tool to support participants’ career development, progression and networking.

Director of Career Development
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


Using Middle Circle® was the 1st time we’ve felt like a team.

Distribution Company


Middle Circle® has provided rich, insightful feedback that has provoked and inspired a sea change in the way that the team operates.


Finance Director
Top 10 global law firm
* Source: Price, C. (2016): Accelerating Performance.

** Source: Employee Outlook: focus on skills and careers, CIPD, 2016.