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Our clients are progressive organisations and individuals who are committed to being the best at what they do and we are proud to partner with them. But don’t just take our word for it, see below to find out more about how we have worked together and what our clients have to say about working with us.

Re-create network following restructuring

A long serving, highly regarded leader,  who had grown up with the bank, lost his network following an organization-wide restructuring and cutting of most of the Managing Director-level posts above him. With his longed-for job on promotion gone through the role cuts and, worse, with no-one to act as a career sponsor, he used Middle Circle® to build a new network in other, new areas of the bank. He also used Middle Circle to learn how he was currently perceived and extended awareness of this reputation into his new network. Promotion followed.

High Street retail bank.

Newly formed leadership team

The finance function had re-structured, and recruited new senior managers to lead it. Along with the CFO, these new hires formed their own global leadership team. As it was newly formed, the CFO wished to create a more cohesive team so that it provided a more compelling purpose for finance’s work and stronger alignment across their teams. They used Middle Circle® for Teams (leadership team version) to help them with this and continue to use the insights from the tool to build the team several months later.

Global law firm

Successful CEO seeking next CEO role

Already successful as a CEO, this leader wanted to move onto a new challenge but was finding the search for his next c-suite role unproductive. There were too few quality roles on offer and he was finding the search overly time consuming. He used Middle Circle®  to widen and activate his current network and turn old, and somewhat outdated, contacts into live relationships. He started to be approached about previously unheard of job opportunities from his rejuvenated network.

Re-build reputation to match work results

This Divisional Managing Director was the top performer among his peers and destined for great things – if it weren’t for his reputation as a joker in a traditional company. His mischievousness when bored were over-shadowing his work achievements. He used Middle Circle®  to understand precisely how he was perceived across a range of key stakeholders. Armed with this knowledge, he set about re-defining his reputation and behaving in line with this. Others’ views of him changed and he become known for his high performance.

Global insurer

Dysfunctional project change teams

The organisation was undergoing a massive transformation and had created several project teams to lead this change. The teams proved dysfunctional, however, and were not working well (in themselves and between one another). They used Middle Circle® (Team version) to help them identify the cause of their difficulties. With membership changing, they discovered team composition was unclear, there was an absence of role clarity and a lack of team glue. Psychological safety and trust was noticeably low. Middle Circle® gave them the clarity and confidence about where they needed to focus to become more effective and they took swift corrective action.

Central Government Department

Global law firm

Board effectiveness review

The board of a well known sporting organisation wished to conduct an external review of it’s effectiveness following a more limited internal evaluation. They were particularly interested in establishing views on the Chair’s leadership, board dynamics and benchmarking their effectiveness against other boards facing similar challenges. The Boardroom version of Middle Circle® for Teams covered these areas and, using it, gave them a clear perspective on their strengths as well as areas they could improve.

Sporting Organization Board

What Middle Circle® Clients Say


“Middle Circle® brings real clarity and focus to my work. I can easily see what is needed within a team and measure their progress over time”

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner


“Teams are more aware of their behaviours and ways of working, helping me to address any uncomfortable dynamics and make the team more effective.”

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner
CM2 Change Management Consultants


“Middle Circle’s diagnostic allows very pivotal conversations to happen by providing a structured dialogue and opportunities for challenge and reflection”

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner


“Middle Circle® for Teams, was central to us securing a large client. My work was extended beyond the Leadership team and we achieved a 50% uplift in business

Accredited Middle Circle® Practitioner
CM2 Change Management Consultants


Discussing our Middle Circle® profile and actions was the best conversation we’ve ever had as a leadership team.

Operations Director
Global high street retailer


Your next role needs thought and planning; don’t just hope for a stroke of luck. Middle Circle® is the tool
that will help you think things through in a planned and logical way. It’s sure to deliver results.

Legal Services


The Middle Circle® tool is an effective, pragmatic, action oriented tool to support participants’ career development, progression and networking.

Director of Career Development
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


Using Middle Circle® was the 1st time we’ve felt like a team.

Distribution Company


Middle Circle® has provided rich, insightful feedback that has provoked and inspired a sea change in the way that the team operates.


Finance Director
Top 10 global law firm

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