Middle Circle® for Careers

Middle Circle® for Careers helps you to build your networks, know-how and support team to take control of your career.

Middle Circle® for
Careers helps you to build your networks, know-how and support team to take control of your career.

Accelerate your career

The Middle Circle® for Careers tools (Results through Relationships© and CareerBoost©) deliver for both the individual and the organization as a whole. They create a systematic approach to helping individuals achieve the career they want by equipping them with personal careers strategies and support while giving the organization stronger work results, relationships and reputations.

Achieve the career you want and deserve
Identify and strengthen your most important work relationships
Gain feedback on your brand profile and work reputation
Become armed with the tools to manage your own career
Develop a personal career strategy with target actions
Benefit from working with a Middle Circle® accredited coach

For Individuals and for Organizations?


Leaving your career to chance or in someone else’s hands?

Middle Circle® for Careers lets you take control of your own career and equips you for long term career success.


Struggling to meet employees’ expectations that you will provide a career for them?

Benefit by introducing a systematic way of not only managing talent, but unearthing hidden talent in your workforce by giving people the tools to drive their own career.

Explore your options

Our Middle Circle® for Careers tools are suitable if you are wanting to explore your career options, are at a career crossroad, thinking of making a major transition or simply want to improve your prospects of obtaining your next promotion or role. Middle Circle® for Careers for:

Supporting Transitions

Internal promotion or changing organizations

Job searching

Out of work or on a career break and seeking your next opportunity

Starting or re-entering work

Recent graduate looking to enter the world of work

Changing Career

Looking to switch jobs or careers

Personal development

Looking to increase your own self-awareness

Professional Re Branding

Looking to (re)build your reputation at work

YOur Career Acceleration Tool

Helping people get the career they want and giving organizations the tools to enable this by measuring the triple bottom line:

  • Creating stronger relationships
  • Improving work reputations
  • Delivering better results
Middle Circle® for Careers - Your Career Acceleration Tool

Our Two Middle Circle® For Careers Tools

Choose from 2 tools within Middle Circle® for Careers, each with a different aim, depending on your career needs.

Results through Relationships© focusses on your current work and help you deliver better results through developing closer relationships with key colleagues, customers an stakeholders. It works in 3 easy steps;

1: Identify key relationships and create a visual stakeholder network map

2: Draw insights from your network map

3: Create action plans to develop stronger relationships over 12 months

CareerBoost©helps build a diverse and balanced team of people in 4 easy steps;

1: Identify people in your network to help you achieve the career you want

2: Gather feedback from your network and understand your reputation

3: Assign people to the 10 CareerBoost roles

4: Create action plans from your network map, feedback and roles

What Makes Middle Circle® for Careers different?

Our Middle Circle® for Careers tools benefit both the organization and the individual by providing career support over the long term – not just a moment in time. You have access to the tool over 12 months, where you can track activity and improvements to ensure that you are moving your career in the direction you have chosen.

This is why Middle Circle® for Careers works:

Take control

Enhance your career goals and increase stakeholder expectations that change will follow

Create Connections

Our tools connect on likeness and gain from diversity

Two-Way Exchange

A two way exchange of information and ideas makes us feel important

Create Energy

Turn passive contacts into active relationships


Guides you into making targeted actions towards your career goals


Benefit from working with an experienced, Middle Circle accredited coach

WhaT OUR Clients Say


Your next role needs thought and planning; don’t just hope for a stroke of luck. Middle Circle® is the tool
that will help you think things through in a planned and logical way. It’s sure to deliver results.

Legal Services


The Middle Circle® tool is an effective, pragmatic, action oriented tool to support participants’ career development, progression and networking.

Director of Career Development
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Middle Circle® for Careers

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